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Paid Social vs Boosting.... What is the most effective way to reach new people on Social Media.

Social Media has completely changed many aspects of our lives, offering us a way to share content like never before and connect with people worldwide in seconds. It has also changed how many companies market themselves globally, especially regarding brand awareness and public engagement. Social media can significantly benefit companies that use it well, but garnering followers and fostering genuine engagement is a complicated feat that can take years to achieve.

Paid advertising on these platforms can reach an audience that is outside your circle of followers. This provides an opportunity to deliver a message to more than the people that may see normal posts in their newsfeed because of the desire to see your content.

What is a Boost?

Boosting a post allows you to pick content that you may have added to your company newsfeed and request a desired target of an expanded audience and pay for the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Much like a social advertising campaign, but most content that is boosted, can be chosen by your best performing newsfeed posts. It must be noted that even if someone follows your page/content; that does not guarantee that they see the message that you post to the newsfeed. Everyone's newsfeed is fed content based on their own unique behavior and therefore won't always see content that they have not shown an interest during recent activity. Boosting can expand the opportunity for your content to be seen outside of your followers.

What is Social Advertising?

According to the Meta Business Help Center; "Where a boosted post may initially optimize for Page likes, comments, and shares or overall brand awareness, Facebook ads can optimize for app installs, website conversions, video views, shop orders and more."

Social Advertising is purposely created ad content that is instructed through the ad manager to serve to a desired targeted audience. This can provide an intended purpose for your content. Drive traffic to your website, develop leads, or guide a consumer down the buying funnel; Social advertising can deliver a purpose and direction for you consumers to follow.

Another aspect that should be considered, is the separation of community conversation and your advertising conversation. Where newsfeed posts from the company will help with the brand and story behind the business, Advertising directs the consumer toward the sale of product or service. There is a revenue purpose behind the advertising and therefore, deserves a more specific delivery that only Social Advertising can provide.

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