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Connected TV - Streaming Video

Over-The-Top Video )OTT) is streaming video acquired outside of traditional cable,

satellite, or over-the-air sources. Viewers stream content through smart devices

(TVs, Blu-Ray players, etc.), gaming devices (Xbox, Playstation, etc), OTT-specific

devises (Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.), and even traditional degital devices

(mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.).

Award-Winning Product

Cabbcon awarded Premion, the power behind our streaming video services, the Abbi Award in 2019 for Best Audience-Based Buying Platform of The Year.  We have exclusive access to Premion's advanced features in our market.

Where Will My Ad Serve?

Your targeted commercial is eligible to serve across hundreds of apps: free streaming services such as Crackle and Popcornflix, subscriber-based services such as Sling, and network apps such as NBC and FOX News.

Who's Streaming?
  • 75% of households have OTT-supported devices in South Texas.

  • 76% of OTT streamers watch ad-supported streaming.

  • Streamers are educated with have high income averages:

  • 47% of OTT viewers in our market report household income of $100,000+

  • 43% are college graduates.

  • All age groups consume streaming video in our market:

  • 18-34 = 38% of the population

  • 35-54 = 34%

  • 55+ = 28%

How We're Unique
  • Premium Brand-safe Inventory: 125+ top-tier content providers.

  • Non-Skippable: Commercials must be seen in their entirety.

  • Frequency Capping: Reduces saturation and optimizes reach.

  • Long-form Content:  All videos wehere we insert commercials are 22 minutes or longer.

  • Customezed Targeting: Reach you core consumer.

  • Local & Global: Serve ads to any geography.

  • Cross-Platform: Television, mobile, desktop, and tablet viewing.

  • Detailed Reporting: Live attribution and network-level reporting.

Targeting Options

We can apply advanced household targeting that includes demographic and behavioral. Through cross-device matching, we can pair a consumer's streaming device to other devices intheir home, such as their cell phone and laptop.  This means that we can serve ads to a relevant audience who has shownan interest in your parduct or service.

We can also directly place commercials in specific programming categories, including sports.

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