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Audience Targeting

Advanced consumer targeting and advertising outside of our own platforms

through a network of industry-leading websites.  Thes targeted banners and

video ads are eligible to serve on almost any website.  We match the consumer

to your target regardless of which website they are visiting, based on their behavior,

places they have visited, who they are, and even what they've purchased.

While any one of the below tactics can be utilized independently, our recommended

strategy usually encompasses multiple tactics optimized from your budget.


Ads targeted based on a user's behavior, online and physical.  While this does include browsing behavior, our targeting options are far more advanced, including demographic, income, and education.


A vitual fence targeted to a physical location (address) within 50 meters.  Anyone who enters the fence is targeted for up to 30 days.  

Examples include:

  • Competitors or similar businesses

  • Areas with disired demographics

  • Special events relating to your industry


Ads targeted to specific websites where your preferred customer is likely to visit.

Site Re-targeting

Ads targeted at users after they have already visited your website, to bring back return traffic.

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