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Targeted Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing uss advanced targeting optins, matching data gathered from

a variety of sources to diliver your message to one of the most used platforms.

Guaranteed Success!

Not only do we offer compelling creative that is CAN-SPAM compliant, we

guarantee a 10% Open Rate adn a 2% Click-Through Rate... among the highest

in the industry.

E-Mail is just the beginning.  We also bundle retargeted banner ads that will reach your target audience on nearly any website.

Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed Delivery: 10% Open Rate.

  • Retargeted Ads:  Reinforce your message with 1,000 banner impressions for every 5,000 email records that can serve on nearly any website.

  • Compelling Creative: We have an in-house creative team that will produce a conversions-optimized marketing message tailored for email consumption.

  • Can-Spam Compliant:  Optimized to bypass Spam filters.

  • Suppression List: We track conversions to ensure we aren't reaching people who have already converted.

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