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SPAM…it’s a four letter word. You know. When you see that subject line with bold font telling you that this magic bean is going to save your life. It’s that phone call from a stranger wanting to discuss your extended warranty. It is the dark underbelly of online product pitches. One thing connects them all…it’s a product that I don’t need or a pitch that I didn’t ask for.

How is Email Marketing Different?

Consumers have become accustomed to receiving mail with offers, events and product education. We subscribe to these offers because they are products and services that we use. The consumer has become an active online shopper and looking for the next deal. The email has become the place to receive and archive all your special offers and discounts. Targeted Email can deliver that offer to your desired consumer, PLUS funnel engagement to your website!

Who can I target?

Choose who you want to send your email to based several layer options. Obviously the most common is geography and demographic. But other notable selections are:

Household Income

Credit Rating

Family Composition

Political affiliation

Behavioral Interests and more

As important as it is to narrow your message to a target consumer, it is also important to understand that the more we narrow the target data; the more focus the message must be for success.

What is the message?

The goal of this product should be to create engagement with your target consumer. The added benefit of these digital products is the ability to offer a deeper connection at moment of delivery through click through options that can be embedded into the message.This provides several options to lead your prospective customer down the buying funnel and increased engagement.

How is Targeted Email different than Direct Mail

We assess your email creative, to ensure it is engaging to the audience. The list of

emails we have collected are reliable and the list consists of users who TWICE said ‘yes’ to receiving marketing emails. This allows the guarantee of 10% open rate and 2% click thru.

Promote an event or a special offer quickly and effectively, where people can easily save the email instead of misplacing it or tossing it in the trash.

Prepare your target audience by delivering targeted Mobile ads before the email campaign to prime their interest. Targeting those that have engaged with additional delivery to close the deal. Always be in your consumer’s top of mind.

which you can check out in your live digital report!!

Where the content of direct mail may be similar to Email Marketing; it’s the functionality that is my favorite thing about this product…. And the reason is so much more effective.

For more information on how you business could benefit from Targeted Email Marketing; please contact us for a consultation visit at

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