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How OTT will compliment your current marketing plan

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Over-the-top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) have established themselves amongst viewers' habits, and in doing so, have become more accessible for advertisers. Not only has cable TV and satellite providers lost 25 million subscribers since 2012 but the majority are instead moving to all-digital live TV streaming services, such as SLING TV, YouTube TV, fubo TV, and Hulu LIVE.

OTT ad delivery has become one of the most desired form of advertising with this rise in streaming television service providers. OTT commercials are effectively the same as TV commercials with one distinction; the audience you select can be more targeted, and delivered differently. OTT delivery can achieve better recall and recognition at a smaller production cost.

Likewise, OTT analytics allow for better targeting and delivery, as you can reference viewer data when deciding your strategy. It gives you additional use from your TV commercials because you can track and monitor who has been exposed to your message and use that insight to decide future placement.


Customize your Ad for your Audience

Its important to note that OTT ads play to a captive audience, so they must be memorable and resonate with that audience. You must make ads based on their interests to create a more meaningful connection with them and create a call to action. The targeting is sometimes tailored to the interest of the viewer. Therefore placing content that matches the intent of the target creates an opportunity for greater success.

With the behavioral targeting of this delivery combined with the Live reporting that we provide, the audience reach can be developed to match their habits and adjusted monthly to improve the performance of both the delivery and the attribution of the content.

You will benefit with the big screen awareness of traditional television audience, with the efficiency of targeted ad delivery to customized audiences.

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